Project members:

The project at this day counts with the participation of four permanent researchers: Stephane Barland (project coordinator), Massimo Giudici, Giovanna Tissoni and Patrizia Vignolo.

Bruno Garbin will prepare a PhD about excitability and buffering of optical data. François Gustave will prepare a PhD about mode-locking and temporal cavity solitons in semiconductor devices.

We have several internships proposals. Please look at the jobs and internships.


The project is built on top of work with many collaborators, locally and in several european countries.


  • Margherita Turconi (PhD student)
  • Alessio Tierno (Post-Doc)
  • Lionel Gil (Researcher)


  • Dr. Giovanni Giacomelli (ISC - Florence)
  • Dr. Eugenio Del Re (La Sapienza - Rome)
  • Prof. Salvador Balle (IMEDEA - Mallorca)
  • Dr. Julien Javaloyes (IMEDEA - Mallorca)
  • Dr. Francesco Pedaci (TUDelft - Delft)
  • Dr. Franco Prati (Insubria - Como)
  • Prof. Jorge Tredicce (Univ. Nlle. Calédonie - Nouméa)
  • Prof. Antonio Politi (ICSMB - Aberdeen)