We met different partners to speak about our and their works in order to benefit each of the advances and point of view of the others.

We met industrial partner of e-buffo project on October 23 and we presented them a part of our work. We had discussions about their work, links and future works which is possible and beneficial for each other. They work on optical fibers and more specifically on default detectors for optical fiber manufacturers. We will see them again in a few months.

We assist also to spatial soliton composites bridging PHOtorefractive and Cavity Optical Structures (PHOCOS) meeting on 26 and 27 November, which is a meeting between INLN searchers (essentially our group) and searcher of Sapienza università di Roma, where we speak about, in particular, spatial localized structure. We will see them again during the course of the year 2013.

The two presentations made by Bruno are in attachment and speak about basic analysis of his system and excitability in this one.

pres 23oct2012.pdf
pres 26nov2012.pdf