After two months of work in the lab, the two optical tables are used and now see the growth of two experiments. The place has not been empty too much time : lasers, optics, cables, instruments and computers are occupying the site.

We received some furnitures to complete our equipment, allowing us to work on experiments reconstruction. We recently acquired a big oscilloscope with 33Ghz bandwidth to observe extremely short events and we are still waiting for his little brother, a not so tiny, 13Ghz bandwidth oscilloscope. All the instruments are connected to the lab network and communicate with computers to make measurements.

Exitability and optical buffer

Bruno had time to rebuilt the signal injected VCSEL experiment and reobtained the results he had last year with the first version of this experiment. He worked hard to build a stable tunable semiconductor laser which is used as injection beam and improved the detection systems. Excitability is now on the table and Bruno has to explore next steps of the project.

Temporal cavity solitons

For my part, the semiconductor ring laser is now running as an excellent nonlinear resonator with active medium inside. I constructed a tunable laser (the same as Bruno) to create a quite fine and stable injection. I prepared it in order to control also precisely the intensity which will be injected into the ring laser. The experiment is finally ready to show physics.