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Stéphane Barland was born in 1974 in Paris. He studied for his master degree in Physics in Nice. He then prepared his PhD about the formation and control of localized structures in semiconductor lasers in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and defended his thesis in Nice in November 2001. He went then back to Palma de Mallorca for a post-doctoral stay, followed by a two year post-doctoral fellowship in Florence working on semicondutor lasers and optical feedback. He got a permanent position as researcher in CNRS in 2004. Since the beginning of his carreer, he has coauthored 35 papers in peer reviewed international journals.

He is coordinator of the MOLOSSE project and will bring to the project his experience in dissipative solitons generation and control.


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phase solitons emerge from chirally charged chaotic areas

One of the main goals of the MOLOSSE project was to explore alternative approaches for the generation of dissipative solitons in relation to mode locking in semiconductor lasers and so we did. In this work, we show that a ring semiconductor laser submitted to coherent external forcing can host dissipative solitons whose existence is fundamentally based on the oscillatory nature of the laser system. Contrary to most optical solitons, the objects we describe host a chiral charge. The stability of only one of the two possible chiral charges results from the broken parity symmetry in a propagative system with non-instantaneous medium.


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nucleating dissipative solitons

I am very happy and proud to write that our recent work on excitable systems with delay was published in Nature Communications. Of course I am heavily biased but still, I believe this work is truly interesting in several ways. Of course there is the fact that we demonstrate storage of information in the phase of an optical beam (instead of power), and the fact that we can not only write, but also erase those phase bits. But the way we arrived to these results and the questions they raise are in my view more interesting than the answers they bring.


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Some time without update to this website, but many things have happened. I attended several conferences (CLEO in San Jose and International Semiconductor Laser Workshop in Palma de Mallorca, ECOC in Cannes) where I (and Bruno Garbin and François Gustave) presented some of our recent work done in the framework of the MOLOSSE and e-buffo projects. The idea of the e-buffo ("excitabilité et buffer optique") project is to use excitability and delayed feedback as basic ingredients to store phase-encoded optical data.


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