Margherita and myself attended the European Optical Society Annual Meeting in Aberdeen (thanks to Dmitry Skryabin from Bath and Marc Sciamanna from Metz for inviting me as a member of the programme committee of the Topical Meeting on Nonlinear Photonics).

The meeting was interesting with several nice talks on a rather broad range of topics. Of course, those meetings are less focused than fully dedicated workshops, but it also has its advantages since you get to know what is going on further away from your precise research topic. I particularly enjoyed the talk by Claudio Conti about "Solitons and the Anderson localization".

The talk matches incredibly well several of the research topics at Institut Non Linéaire de Nice, so I invited Claudio to participate to the lab's seminar. I am very glad he accepted and will tell us more about this topic.

About our research: Margherita Turconi (who is working hard to finish the writing of her PhD dissertation) took a few days away from the computer to present her work on excitability and localized structures. She did not feel too well during these days, but I believe she still enjoyed taking part to the meeting and travel to Scotland. Since Alessio Tierno decided to present his work at the Nonlinear Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers Workshop in Berlin, I presented his work (using his slides, thanks Alessio) about mode locking and directional bistability in a semiconductor ring laser. I also had the pleasure to present Massimo Giudici and Mathias Marconi's work about the generation of square wave and narrow polarization pulses (vector solitons?) in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers.

The meeting also gave an opportunity to meet several (Scotland based) coworkers in the "dissipative solitons" or semiconductor lasers communities, which was socially enjoyable and scientifically very interesting. There is even good chance some new collaboration will come out of this.

All in all the whole experience was quite nice. Of course Aberdeen is not the sunniest place on earth but we enjoyed visiting the city center and breakfasts were amazing. People also seemed to be extremely friendly and helpful, Scotland is clearly a place to visit.