We are sharing a lot of interests with our colleague Dr. Bryan Kelleher (at Cork Institute of Technology) about mode-locked lasers and excitability. He and his coworkers have been for some time working on phase measurements in regimes that are of interest to us and in particular they have done interesting things on excitability in lasers with injected signal. Since these are central ideas in our current projects as well, I am very happy that our joint proposal to the Agence française pour la promotion de l’enseignement supérieur, l’accueil et la mobilité internationale and the Irish Research Council has been funded. We will therefore soon have Dr. Bryan Kelleher visiting us in Institut Non Linéaire de Nice and we will also get some opportunities to visit his lab. That should be good opportunities to learn about the techniques they are using and also hopefully to build some bigger projects in the future. Looking forward to the first visit!