Dynamics Days in Madrid at the beginning of June was a quite nice meeting. As can be expected in such an event, many different topics have been discussed, optics and optical systems among them.

I had the pleasure to give a talk about our progress towards temporal cavity solitons in ring semiconductor lasers. Although we have not quite reached our goal yet, many interesting things are going on in the lab. First we have prepared a very nice detection system and the data coming out from the experiment is really of high quality. We have also a number of indications that we are on the right track: We have observed plane wave and modulational instabilities and the spatial dimensions of the system seem to be sufficient to host independent structures since we have observed some forms of localization.

The slides of the presentation are embedded below (use keys 'h' for help, 't' for table of contents). If it does not work well, you can try the standalone version in our publications page.

Besides that, this edition of Dynamics Days was also an opportunity to meet several colleagues that I had not met for a number of years, especially former coworkers in Mallorca. First I met Pere Colet, with whom we discussed a bit about excitable localized structures, and I was happy to see that some of our ideas on the topic apparently converge very well. It was also nice to meet Oreste Piro, Emilio Hernandez, Manuel Matias and Cristobal Lopez, all of them formerly at IMEDEA and now at IFISC in Mallorca.

From the "localized states of light" point of view, I was happy to discuss with Germán J. de Valcárcel (Valencia), Willie Firth (Glasgow), Marcel Clerc (Santiago de Chile) and Antonio Politi (now in Aberdeen). Of course, I also had the pleasure to chat with Mustapha Tlidi (Brussels), who will hopefully come to visit us in Nice in september. By the way: many thanks to Mustapha for inviting me to give a talk about the research we are carrying in the molosse project.