Some time without update to this website, but many things have happened. I attended several conferences (CLEO in San Jose and International Semiconductor Laser Workshop in Palma de Mallorca, ECOC in Cannes) where I (and Bruno Garbin and François Gustave) presented some of our recent work done in the framework of the MOLOSSE and e-buffo projects. The idea of the e-buffo ("excitabilité et buffer optique") project is to use excitability and delayed feedback as basic ingredients to store phase-encoded optical data.

In a somewhat naive way, the principle is that an excitable pulse should be able to regenerate itself after going through the delay loop, and therefore lead to periodic emission of something like the original excitable pulse. Now if the delay is large enough, it should be possible to trigger a new excitable pulse within the delay, and this excitable pulse will again regenerate itself. If this works and the delay is long enough, then one can write many of these pulses within one delay loop and the information will be stored in the configuration of the pulses. Of course things are a little bit more complicated than this naive picture, but the principle works well and we recently had good news about our preprint on buffering optical data in an excitable system with delayed feedback.

We have already communicated quite a lot about that but I never uploaded any slides since some journals are picky with previous upload of stuff so better safe than sorry... Anyway, here are some slides about the topic.

This talk was presented at International Semiconductor Laser workshop, and it is about an Optical memory based on topological localized structures (standalone html).