Finally, we have the new lab (almost) ready! That is quite nice, we now have two large optical tables, both floating and one of them inside a glass enclosure. That should enable rather good stability and also clean experiments. It was quite an amount of work though: loads of old stuff had accumulated in this room in the past so we had to move it out of the way in order to start the project in good conditions.

Most of the preparation of the new lab was done during summer in order to minimize the impact on the other experiments but we only recently finished the last details... We did quite a lot of cleaning and even some painting. We are still waiting for some furniture which should arrive soon but the lab is already running ok for now.

From the computing point of view we now have our own private switched network inside the lab so that we have both almost total flexibilty and perfect isolation from the other labs. One of the computers is already up and daily backed up, a new one has arrived and will be ready within a few days. François has already got a brand new workstation (a Xeon 12-core 3.2GHz), Bruno's one (identical) has been ordered so the computing equipment is essentially ready.

Discussions are under way with several equipment providers for new high bandwidth instruments, hopefully we should have bought most of the equipment within the first three months of the project.