We finally received the new optical table we ordered to complete the lab. 2.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, 31 centimeters thick, 750 kilograms (and 5376 holes...).

The handling was quite impressive. First thing was to gently take the table out of the truck and put it down on the floor in front of the lab. It does not look like something very complex but when you consider the size and weight of the table it gets harder.

That required a truck with a specific liftgate, which apparently was able to handle close to three tons in the worst possible situation (almost horizonal gate and weight applied at the edge...). It was kind of funny to notice the "do not drop" notice on the wooden box. All in all, this step was solved by big machines.

Next stage, way harder, was to move the table inside the lab. That was solved by big (and smart) people. Their work was amazing. Every little step was carefully considered (how to make the table stand, in which direction to enter the building, how to walk up this useless 2 cm stair...) and then carefully executed. Mostly brains at work, cleverly and carefully using simple tools. Each step actually worked as predicted and the table went in. The step before last was certainely the most impressive. The table was standing on its long edge and it had to go back to horizontal. The specialists simply decided to do that just like anyone would do with a wooden table, but they just did it with a 750 kilograms steel table. That was probably a little bit dangerous, but the five of them did it and the table was gently put horizontally onto temporary legs. Finally these legs were used to hold the table while we were putting the final legs under the table and the whole thing finished. In total that was less than three hours work for a task which looked next to impossible: quite amazing.